Making hearing aid cord clips for kids

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  1. My girls are 1 and 3 years old and they both wear hearing aids. They have these bungie cords that attach to the aids then clips to the back of their shirts to keep from getting lost if they fall out. Thing is, the clip rubs against the back of their neck and breaks skin, sometimes bleeds a little. The loop that is slid over the hearing aid to hold the aids are so big that it creates more space behind their ears that it impossible for the aids to stay in place. The bungie cords break easily as well (I have already gone through 4 of them with DD1!) Im thinking about making something for them that is a little easier and a little bit more stylish (orage cords with a clip with a picture of a mole on the top of it isn't very girlie).

    Anyone have any ideas? material ideas? Good place to get those materials for good price?

    What Im looking for in it is...
    1) comfortable clip that doesn't rub a rash or cut the skin
    2) good cord or something that doesn't break easily but stretches good for movements (dont want long cord for the baby!)
    3) something smaller to attach to the hearing aid so it doesn't push out from behind the ear
    4) GIRL STYLE!

    This is what they have now... (except their's have a picture of a cartoon mole on the button but same color)

    They also have another clip that I dont like using much...
    It's a aid cover with cord and a clip. The cover is THICK, almost the same material they use for scuba suits. It's made to keep moisture and dirt from getting into the hearing aid but my daughter has a hard time hearing with it on. The clip isn't GOOD at all! It doesn't clip very good to the clothes, can come undone very easily. With the cover, it WILL NOT allow the BTE to stay behind the ear. Imagion every 5 minutes the child comes up to you to replace the BTE back behind her ear? It's get annoying REALLY FAST!
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  2. [​IMG]
    This is a picture I got off the internet since I don't have a working camera.
    For those who don't know...
    The ear mold is the piece that goes in the ear
    tube is attached to the ear mold
    BTE is the aid behind the ear
    hook is the piece that connect the BTE and the tube

    This is what I was thinking of crocheting a rope that is attached to the tube and goes from 1 aid to the other (1 long long rope instead of 2) then attach a clip or a pen or something.

    If I do that, what do you think the best yarn to use for that? Something strong but flexable and won't break easily.
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    i'm thinking cotton. good luck!!!
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    Yeah a crochet cotton. Would be soft but (IMHO) holds up better than knitting yarn. What about using a plastic clothes pin as the clip. You could crochet over it so you don't see that it's a cothespin. I got some from the $$ store that are maybe and inch and half big.
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    Try using eyeglass keepers/minders threaded over the tubes. you'd have to pull the tubes out of the molds to thread them on (it will give you a chance to clean them in the process) but they should help and be a bit more comfortable. You can buy the piece that attaches to the earpiece of the glasses at craft stores and make the rest however you want. I know Hobby Lobby carries them in the jewelry section, that's where I got mine last. They come in black and clear.
    Here's 2 that I had a while back to give you an idea of what to look for:

  6. Quote:Those are REALLY pretty and I wouldn't mind using them on myself but would it be safe for toddlers? Wont a toddler break them?
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    If a toddler can chew through wire, yes, otherwise these suckers are cat proof [​IMG] ! That goes only for the softflex wire I used for the beads, the rubber ends though, even if they are swallowed they should be fine and pass normally.
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    Ok I don't even know if your still here or if you figured out your problem, but I make my own clips! and thought you might be interested in them. Also to deal with the rubbing on the back of the neck instead of clipping them right on the collar go down a few centimeters on shirt and clip it there. This helps prevent them from rubbing their skin. Here is my facebook page:



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