Making homemade organic fermented wheat-free feed


Nov 6, 2018
WHEW! That sure sounds politically correct!

I have had a flock of free-range chickens for a few years now, and they are laying well and yolks are a deep orange color. I have become very allergic to wheat, even though I follow a gluten-free diet myself. It's either from the 2 eggs a day I eat from my hens or most likely from inhaling all of the wheat dust from preparing their grains for sprouting etc.

So, since wheat-free mixes are hard to come by out West, here is my NEW feed mix, which will be fermented for 2 days and supplemented with homemade raw goat milk kefir. All grains are organic from Azure Standard, except the 2 additives.

1 cup whole barley
2 cups whole yellow corn
2 cups whole oats
1 cup split peas
1 tbsp poultry nutri-balancer

redmond mineral conditioner - after fermenting

that's 5 cups dry, but I put it in 2 glass trays and soaked them with water. Once they hydrate and absorb the water (I keep adding more as it absorbs) I can weigh it to get the final weight, then I will add the mineral conditioner to 1.5% of total before giving to the flock. No sense in fermenting the conditioner, which acts as a non-caking agent, but the nutri-balancer contains probiotics so I wanted those to be in the ferment.

I also give the birds free choice Microna Calcium Cabonate grit, and I toast my old shells and grind them up and add a bit to the feed (I add this to my dog's feed as well) They also get about 3 cups of whole sunflower seed a day (I have 12 hens and a rooster) and about 2 tbsp of soldier fly larvae per day for the whole flock. I also sprout some grains for them and feed them 4 cups of sprouts a day in addition to their feed ration. My birds are outside all day and eat a ton of bugs as well as some food scraps but in a few weeks the ground will be covered with snow for 6 months.

My questions:
1. Since I am using the nutri-balancer as well, do I need to cut down on the mineral conditioner?
2. Any comments/suggestions? Does these ratios look pretty legit?
3. I am especially interested in results others have had fermenting feed, and your methods for a small flock.

Thanks in advance, andrea

Timothy Menezes

Nov 27, 2017
Monterey, California
For those of you that are gluten intolerant, such as myself, there are only 3 things that contain the offending gluten enzyme. They are, wheat, barley, and rye. Now, as barley is the first ingredient, this recipe is not gluten free.

Also, while oats do not produce the gluten enzyme, they are usually processed in the same mill as your wheats, barleys, and rye. So oats are usually contaminated with small amounts of gluten as well. Depending on your level of intolerance, this may or may not be an issue.

Percheron chick

9 Years
Apr 12, 2013
Hudson, Colorado
Looks very low in protein (12%ish) off the top of my head. You have to sit down with a pen and paper and do some calculations to see what you are lacking. Wet weight (as fed) doesn't mean anything in nutrition. Water is void of nutrients so only concentrate on dry matter by weight Weigh the dry ingredients and plug them in to your formula.

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