Making mash out of chick starter

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    My 4 Black Australorp girls have just turned 9 weeks old today. [​IMG]. All along they have been big eaters of their chick starter and usually go after it with gusto. But over this past week, we had a sudden increase in the temp outside, being in the low 80's. It was pretty warm for them having never experienced such weather before so I hosed down their shade, kept their water cool and they came thru with flying colors.

    But here is the thing. They weren't very interested in eating much due to the heat, so I made mash out of their chick starter and they just loved it! They ate it like they hadn't eaten in weeks. I did this for a few days and now that the heat is off, they have decided that they will only eat their food if it is wet down and made into a mash.

    Have I spoiled them rotten now that they have tasted the good stuff? Am I going to be making mash the rest of my days? [​IMG]

    Does anyone else out there feed their pullets or hens this way?

    Thanks, Leyla [​IMG]
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    Quote:They'll eat the starter when they get hungry enough. [​IMG]

    You sure DID spoil them!
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    Quote:Well, when the weather heats up, this is probably a good thing, keeps them hydrated better..pour water in it and be done. [​IMG]

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