Making mash out of chick starter

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    My Black Australorp girls just turned 9 weeks old today. [​IMG] And all along they have been big eaters of their chick starter, diving in with gusto. However this past week the weather changed from cool to quite warm, in the lower 80's in the day. This heat wave was a bit much on them and I kept them cool by hosing down their shady spot, keep the water cool and fresh and they got thru it with flying colors.

    But here is the thing. I think the heat had them lose interest in eating. So I wet down their chick starter to make a mash out of it. Well, they loved it! They ate as if they hadn't eaten in a week! I kept this up for a few days during the heat and now that it is cool, they have decided that they will only eat their food if it is made into mash.

    Have I spoiled them rotten with this good stuff? Am I doomed to making mash for the rest of my days? [​IMG]

    Does anyone else feed their young ones or adults in this fashion?

    Thanks...Leyla [​IMG]
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    I would say just put the normal feed back in there. They will get hungry and eat whatever is available. [​IMG]
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    Quote:+1. I routinely moisten the fines from the bottom of the feeder just to get them to eat it. Next feeding, it's back to the normal dry feed, and once they get hungry, they eat.

    (Boy, do they eat!)
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    they will eat if they get hungry enough

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