Making perches. Any Ideas, suggestions?

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  1. farmerbrowne

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    Howdy Y'all,
    I am building my first coop and am trying to figure out the best material to use for perches. I have thought about 1" doweling, will that work? or part of an old ladder? how high should the roosts be? I am new and am learning so much from everybody thank you y'all!
  2. jetdog

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    Jun 18, 2013
    Mine really seem to like a 2x4 laying on its side, it gets very cold here so they have to keep their feet warm at night. I put mine about 18 inches of the floor.I don't have a lot of headroom.
  3. Hokum Coco

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    Dec 6, 2012
    New Brunswick,Canada
    I use a 2x4 wide side up for roosts.

    Due to limited height in my coop I was forced to place my poop shelf or board only 3½ inches (width of a 2x4) from my roost over my nest boxes (milk crates).


    It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Every time a hen lays an egg through the night it saves the day by catching the eggs unharmed (outside of maybe a bit of poop on the shell).


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    Feb 28, 2013
    Northwest Hills of CT
    I use 2x3's (cheaper than 2x4's) with the 3" side up. If you live in a cold winter area, something smaller like a 1" dowel will cause problems as their toes can get frostbite because they will be exposed when they are sleeping. So a larger flatter perch causes them to cover their feet when they perch, keeping their toes warm. As for height, chickens will generally use the highest perch possible. I have my sleeping perches set at 30 inches. I have the perch in front of the nexting boxes set at 18 inches. By keeping the nesting box perch lower, they don't sleep in the boxes, as they want to be on the highest perches. If you provide multiple perches at multiple heights, your dominant birds will take the highest ones, and the lower ranked birds will take the lower ones. My two roosters are always perching on the top perch that I have in the outdoor run.
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  5. chynasparks

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    Jun 21, 2013
    My peeps just moved into their enclosure that hubby built (its shake & bake and I helped). Lower ground run we used a dowel rod. Intended for their day time use. The loft (roost/nest house) hubby made a roost caddy to fit length of it. I can just take out the rear door for cleaning. The caddy has a bottom, 3 inch sides and a center roost made of a 2x4. Sanded all the edges. I filled the caddy 1/2 full of sand and the rest of the floor is pine chips. All I gotta do is scoop the sand like cat litter box. Since last night was my peeps first night, they didn't use it. I expect they will adapt to it.
  6. ChirpyChicks1

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    Jul 22, 2013
    I also use 2"x4" with the wide side up, it's been perfect, they keep their feet warm and they have plenty of room to move around each other. I created a step up in my coop so my chicks could hop on top the nesting boxes and jump up to roost #1 and then jump up to roost #2 that is roughly 3ft off the ground. I'm going to add higher roosts though because one of my BRs like to sleep above the window and she doesn't share. This greatly upsets the other 5 chicks so I'm going to give them another roost that will cross half way up the window.

    Here is Lucy in her most favorite spot, sleeps up there almost every night.

    The roost my brother is installing here is the roost #2, we added the lower roost after realizing the little turds where too scared to fly down to the floor. Where he is standing is where the nesting boxes are
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    thank you! My coop is 6x5 so I have my feed going on one wall and on another two feet for the nesting boxes. When I can I will take some pics as this is really helping me out thanks y'all. btw I am in northwestern ontario where the winters are cold so thank you for telling me not to use one inch dowell thomasboyle
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