Malapinefarm and Buster...your eg-gs...

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    ...have arrived safe and sound! [​IMG]

    woot woot!

    They look beautiful.

    Buster...I can't wait to see little buff and blue orps running around!

    And Malapine farm...I can't wait to see what these dark brown eg-gs for these blue birchen marans are going to produce!

    Nice job on the packaging and shipping.

    Thanks alot, me and my girls are going to have lots of fun!

    Now let's all pray our hatch goes well...pretty please Lord our Father be with me now, in Jesus's name we pray. Amen.

    I'll keep you posted as we go along in the appropriate forum...which is? hatching chicks? or what ever it is.

    Just wanted to know your eg-gs arrived safe and sound.

    Take care...see ya round,

    **darn that rooster!
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