Malaysian Seramas - pick up only


9 Years
Apr 19, 2010
Oakland hills, CA
I have some gorgeous Castle Delight Serama chicks that hatched on 12/1/11, that I need to rehome. They have feathered out, and will be vaccinated for Mareks before they go outside (they are still inside at this point, although can go into an outdoor coop). They have not been exposed to any birds or other chickens, and are very clean and healthy (and hand-raised).

I will be keeping some of the hens and a couple of roos, but still have several roos that I need to rehome. If you would like to see their parentage, please check on zoomummzy's site, Castle Delight Seramas. These are very nice birds. I might be talked into parting with a hen or two as well...

Pick up only, sorry. Willing to drive within reason.

Thank you for looking.

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