Male bob white quail

Tayten B

5 Years
Dec 18, 2014
I have some male Georgia giant Bob white quail that I bought as chicks it ended up being more roo's than hens i don't want them being butchered,used for dog training,or released. they are fairly tame and are imprinted on people. they love live crickets,popcorn,old salad blend no dressing,game bird chow by Purina,meal worms,millet,corn, and orange slices. I would prefer a aviary style pen. No high wire or being off the ground please. these birds are my life and i want them to go to good homes adn updates and pics will need to be sent so i can see my little guys in there new loving home. post on here call 1920-863-6574,or email [email protected] with any questions and consensuses.

sincerely Tayten Brunner

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