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I'm offering these for price of shipping to pet homes only!! This means you won't eat them (pointless), use them for dog training (cruel), or set them free (also cruel).

I have no extra females.

Button quail should be kept in single-pair groups, though they can often be kept in same-sexed pairs. They need a diet high in protein with free choice seed and fresh water. Buttons are very good 'cage cleaners' for other birds such as doves, cockatiels, parakeets, and etc. Buttons are ground-dwellers so they clean up seed spilled by their flying pen-mates. Due to their small size, button quail should be kept indoors.

Currently I have 15 males and only 4 females. 4 of the adult males are ones I'm keeping, the other 5 are too young to ship (4 weeks old).

My available males are:
wild (1)
cinnamon blueface (3)
Darth Vader (1)
Redbreast (1)
GP (1)

Buttons are very territorial, so if you would like more than one (and plan on housing them together) please contact me to see which ones are currently housed together to reduce the risk of fighting.

Shipping is by USPS express mail based on your zip code plus the cost of the box ($4). For simplicity's sake, I ask a flat fee of $35 for shipping, then once the birds are shipped I'll refund any excess if applicable.

You'll notice that some of them have bald heads and/or backs, this is because they are not being housed properly due to lack of space.

Wild male (front left-available)

Red breast male (right-available), Darth Vader male (left front-available). {not pictured: cinnamon blueface male-available}

Cinnamon blue face (2 available-back right), Golden pearl (front left-available).

I'm no expert on the colors, so if you see any discrepancies please feel free to correct me.
Thanks for looking!

Shipping fees are $35 for shipping and box. I will refund any that is left over minus paypal fees (if applicable). So any number of birds, you can figure $35 for shipping. I don't know for sure that it would cost that much, but it seems like that's pretty close unless the receiver is fairly close to where I am. The last ones I sent cost $27.75 to ship to Texas (zone 5) for 6 buttons.

These are the rates for Express shipping to all 8 zones. 2 pounds should cover up to 6 buttons (as many as can fit in the small box), 1 button would be the 1 pound price (maybe 1/2 pound, I'm not sure). If you would like to check for yourself, look up the zone from my zip (427).

pounds (zone 1&2) (zone 3) (zone 4) (zone 5) (zone 6) (zone 7) (zone 8)
1 15.7 20.7 24.7 25.3 25.85 26.2 26.3
2 17.05 21.85 27.15 27.75 28.3 28.5 28.9

The box costs $4, so figure that in as well.

Obviously, the weight of the package depends on how many birds are in it, though they don't weigh hardly anything. But I can't weigh them in the box until I ship, I wouldn't want to stress them out more than necessary. I will send you a partial refund for the shipping after the birds are mailed, if applicable.

I have 2 boxes on-hand now, so those are free for the first 2 customers
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