Male Call Duck Relentlessy Attacking

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Tessaturtle, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Will a Call Duck keep attacking until he has killed another duck? We have a mixed flock that has always gotten along with each other (although this will be their first spring together as most were born after spring last year). We have 3 male Call Ducks who were always thick as thieves. Recently 1 of them (Socks) started relentlessly attacking the other (Ollie) while the 3rd (Mally) follows along behind. Socks has managed to rip most of Ollie's feathers, so he looks horrible and can't fly. Well, it finally calmed down after about a week of this - however now Socks has turned his attention to our lone male Pekin, who is handicapped with a limp. Socks is relentless in his chasing and attacks on Jonathan even though Jonathan is much bigger. Once Socks gets him, Ollie and Mally join in the picking. THey have pulled his tail feathers out and they keep going after his eye!! I saw Socks grab ahold of the skin right next to the eye and flip himself over Jonathan's head - still holding on!

    This just started this morning, but clearly was going on in the duck house prior to me letting them out. I just tried keeping Socks and Mally in the pen while the rest free ranged for several hours this morning thinking that would chill them out. As soon as I let them out to see if others wanted to go in to eat or take shelter (its a blizzard here today), they started right back in on Jonathan. So now I have the majority in the pen to relax and get shelter and kept the 3 little terrorists out for now with the Muscovies.

    I know its mating season, but they don't even seem to be interested in the girls. We have only seen these 3 male call ducks mate with one or 2 of our 4 call duck hens a few times and otherwise they act like they don't even exist. These 3 have tried to mate with the 2 Muscovy hens several times, but obviously are not successful (although they might think they are!).

    Will this behavior stop or will they continue until they cause even more damage to Jonathan? Any thoughts?
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    Feb 18, 2013
    It'll continue. I had to separate mine until fall one year. Call drakes can be nasty!

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