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    I have 10-12 male button quail that need new homes! I can ship up to 6 in one box (chick box). Males can live together in harmony, currently I have 1 group of 3 males and one group of 4 males. They do not fight at all. I also have 3 single males who lost their mates and 2 'extras' from a recent hatch. I'll have to see what colors the 'extra' hatchlings are tomorrow but the others are silver, cinnamon blueface, red breasted, black-faced red breasted, cinnamon, and golden pearl. I believe there might be a wild in there. Most colors I have at least 2 specimens of each.
    I will update this tomorrow with new pics of the boys. Shipping is via USPS Express Mail and shouldn't be more than $35. First 2 customers get a free box, after that I'll have to order them [​IMG]
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    Pictures? [​IMG]

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