Male Goat chewed female goat ear off.


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Middle, TN
Okay so here is the deal. My goats live on my families property in alabama. I visited and noticed my goat had half of her ear left so I asked the fam and they said that the male will just go over to her and start lickin and chewing on it. She lets him do this also. So now my goat looks really goofy with a full ear then a half of an ear.

I looked at it the best I could and it looks like it has scabbed over from where he was chomping. I was thinking he was doing this for sexual reasons (no idea why) plus she is his favorite of them all.

Any ideas on why he did this?
Goats chew on anything, my goats have chewed on my dogs hair, one of my horses tails, grabbed a clump of my hair....... so the reason is, Goats Chew, it is what they do.
Is the male intact? If he is, I would probably separate him if you can. He may be stressing her out trying to mate all the time.

You could try putting something icky on the ear, like sour apple. Over time, that may teach him to leave her ears alone. Also, toys help keep their mind off of chewing on the bad things! You can get really creative here too!
Is there a such a thing for "dummy mares" for male goats? I dunno if that would make them do it less and leaving the unwilling girls alone.

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