Male guinea helping to take care of 3 week old keets...


10 Years
Mar 10, 2013
I was just wondering if this is common. I allowed one of my females to hatch out some keets in the bird run. They are a few weeks old now... one of my male guineas wants to be with mom and keets always. If I have the run door locked to keep babies out of the weather or out of dew on grass, he stands at the door until I let him back in. When the run door is open, he takes the keets out. Mom is usually around but sometimes she goes back in and sets on her last 7 eggs. He takes very good care of them. Seems to be teaching them all they need to know about being guineas. Even has them lay down under a trailer next to the run when its hot and leads them to puddles to get drinks. They stay right with him....... just as if he were mom. Anybody else have this happen with a male?
My guineas haven't started laying yet so I'm not experienced with the male taking care of the babies. It sounds like you have a really sweet fellow there. He is deffinately a keeper.

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