Male Muscovy Issues*rated PG13*

Mom 2em All

14 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Dora, Alabama
My male muscovy has a problem with prolapse. I am sure it is because he is exercising his rights with the ducks too often. But when it occurs, he spins around in circles attempting to preen his rear end, and then the other ducks chase after him trying to grab what I am certain they believe is a worm...

Anything I can do to help him not have this problem? (Nothing I can do to help him DURING that problem- he won't let me near him) Certainly this is not a good thing, and I am sure one of these days one of the ducks are going to catch him...again,

Is this normal?
First of all it is not caused by his over activity. It is a physical weakness some ducks have and it cannot be fixed. Eventually it may get worse and then either the vet has to remove it or you have to put the drake down. Ideal would be if he no longer mates. Can you separate him and let another drake take over?

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