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    I am looking to rehome my male mute swan, George. His mate died last winter and he's lonesome. Instead of finding him another mate, I've decided he would be better off with a bigger pond. My pond is about 1/4 acre. If you have a female and NO other males, are committed to feeding him on a regular basis and have a pond that is fenced in with an aerator to keep it open in the winter, you may be the perfect home for him. I have had George since December of '04. He was found on a frozen lake after all the other swans had left. He cannot fly due to a wing injury or being pinioned. I do not believe he is much older than 6 years since he seemed young when I got him. He has had no health problems at all. I will be very picky about where he goes, so please be prepared to send me pictures of your pond and property and any other swans you have. I will also ask a lot of questions. If you are sincerely interested in giving George a good and loving home and have nothing to hide, you shouldn't mind my interogation. You should also know that he is very aggressive in the spring during mating season and he could seriously hurt small children. If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected]. I've attached a video of him. Thanks!

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