Male Narragansett Turkey For Sale in NC(28655)

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    Feb 22, 2007
    Morganton, NC
    9 month old Narragansett young tom(YoYo) needs a home:
    Very friendly, hand fed, loves grapes, canned corn, mealworms, etc..

    He needs to go to a home with a girl or 3. He is 'mature' and is looking for love. He is absolutely NOT TO BE EAT!!!

    Doesn't like to be penned, but will except it if the lot is large and he has girls.

    He has lived with chickens since he was 4 months old. He is very careful around them, though he does steal food. YoYo's Little-Big brother is a 1.5 pound Bantam Faverolle(Favy). No clue how that happened. Sleeps with my standard cochins at night. He would rather sleep with Favy and the little girls, but the house is too small.

    Too fat to fly much. He stays behind our 4' fence without any problems. Very gentle. Likes to chase anything running. HATES NOISE(Cars, tractor, lawn mower, clapping hands). Never aggresive, just struts around and gobbles when upset.

    He is a people turkey and will follow his people around like a puppy. That may change once he has some ladies. Never once been aggressive towards anyone or anything. Has tried to mate the dog a couple times. As a result Yo was in time-out(penned) for a day.

    Pic from Nov 18, 2007:YoYo and my brother
    Dec 6, 2007:Sleeping with silkies
    Jan 17, 2008:YoYo in Snow

    YoYo is $40, but the better the home the lower the price.

    He can be picked up here or can be delivered to Poultry shows that I will be attending:
    Salisbury, NC - March 1
    Winston-Salem, NC - March 29
    Newport, TN - April 5

    Morganton, NC

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