Male of Female Barred Plymoth Rock???


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Jan 16, 2012
My Coop
My Coop
I have a few 5 week old Barred Rock chicks. I think that one of them is a male but i am not sure. Could someone post a picture of their barred rocks to give me an idea if my chicken is a male or a female? Thanks so much!
At 5 weeks, the BR is extremely easy to sex. Of course, they can sexed by head spot at hatch too. But at 5 weeks the difference is typically stark with hatchery chicks. The pullet is dark, faint yellow comb. Males will have pink combs and already starting to sprout along with sprouting wattles. The cockerels are very "white" and bold in appearance while the pullets are typically dark, duller looking. The pullets also have a black wash on the front of their legs, but this isn't universal. Hope that helps.

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I know this thread is really old, but can anyone tell me what I potentially have here?

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