Male or Female? I need advice!


Oct 25, 2011
West Coast, BC
Hello! I'm very new to ducks and I have 3 white Runners and 3 black Runners that have been crossed with something else. The white boy is very easy to spot from his tail curl and his voice is so distinctly different from the females. The black ones I was told were 3 females but I do have 1 who is a lot bigger than all the others and as well, over the last week, its beak has changed color! I've been trying to listen to them but the black ones are all so quiet! Also, they weren't raised with a lot of human contact and I'm struggling to get close enough to them to pick the one up to get a good listen. It doesn't help that I'm not confident in picking them up so any tips on that would be appreciated, the white ones I can pick up with no issue, they're used to people. They are 19 1/2 weeks old and I've attached some pics of the one I'm not sure about. 20200927_165706.jpg 20200926_122546.jpg


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