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Jul 18, 2016
Ok. Been down this road. I have 4 Roller Pigeons. Dark grey, white, dark brown and very light brown. Dark grey punks the dark brown pigeon while puffing it's neck below its beak. Even the sight of the dark brown pigeon gets him going. I though "ok" the dark brown is a female!!! ......until I saw the dark brown pigeon doing the same thing to the light cappuccino covered one. Only it sounded weird! It sounded muffled. Like a duck or something. The light brown pigeon seems to get along with everyone. The white also until it started doing the same thing as the Dark colored pigeon. The white pigeon punked the dark brown pigeon for white pigeons favorite perch. Then it started to coo the same way the dark brown one did. Weird???
Like a muffled duck, low noise without the spinning or depth the dark pigeon has. Going nuts here......though I can spend hours watching do their stuff....
Anyone think they can crack this one?????
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Its hard, if not sometimes impossible, to tell male from female in many pigeon breeds.

Just put in some nest boxes and see what happens.... then you will know male and female, and can put a colour band on their legs to show the sex of the bird.

That muffled duck noise and cooing can me made by both male and female, even sometimes dominant females will act like males and bow and coo and I have seen one even fan and scrape the tail on the ground.

You will know a male when he is ready to breed he will be dancing, spinning around, cooing loudly and inflating his crop, bowing and cooing. He will fan out his tail wide and down on the ground and scrape it along while frantically cooing and bowing. He will do this to any pigeon, male or female, so just because he is displaying to another bird does not mean the other bird is female.
Dang!!! Wish I would of known!!! Lol.
I got the last two because they were being Coo'd to......lmao!!! This is nuts!
Dang!!! Wish I would of known!!! Lol.
I got the last two because they were being Coo'd to......lmao!!! This is nuts!
The best way to determine the sex of a pigeon is to ask another pigeon.
In a perfect world the pigeon on the right is usually more iridescent and larger than the ♀ pigeon on the left.

That being said no matter which method you choose to sex a pigeon mistakes are sometimes made. I usually can tell the gender of a pigeon just by looking at it (but I have been know to make mistakes too.)

On that note:
If you place your pigeon in the company of a know gender pigeon one can usually tell the gender of the pigeon in question by the reaction taken by the know gender.

(Too many references to gender in tha sentence but I think you can follow).

Check out the link the pigeon bowing and circling is the bird walking is ♀:

I sexed (guessed) my little grey one as male. The toe length test early on said male. It's quite prone to puffing up and cooing at me which I would think is a male thing, while the white one barely makes a noise.

However I've got two little eggs in their nest box at the moment and I've hardly ever seen the white one in there but the greys been hanging out there all day long. Which makes me think I got it all wrong and it's a girl after all. Sigh
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