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  1. well, my 3 Pekins, now almost 6 weeks old are almost fully feathered! My Huey, Duey and Louise are just beautiful! Only thing is, I was told that if the tail flips up sharply when they walk, it's a male, if it flat is's a female.

    Um... Huey and Duey are larger in size, and their tails are flat don't flip at all and they stay together 100% of the time. Louise, her tail flips up dramatically when she walks, breast up high, almost funny looking. Smaller in size and does stay a few inches aways sometime.

    Does anyone know is my Huey and Duey females instead of what I thought were males? Oh no... please don't tell me I am going to give my Louise a complex, when he/she should have been named Louie??????? [​IMG]

  2. Yeah I had someone come pick out 4 Pekins the other month and told me what you just said. She picked out all females...or so she told me. She called the following month to see if Ihad any Runners left and I asked about her FEAMALE Pekins....yep....3 boys and 1 girl....Say no more!!!!!!
    At 6 weeks they should or should not be quacking by now.
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    Ive never heard that before... If they are females they will have very loud quacks, and males are quiet and raspy/ robotish. Eventually they get what is called a drake feather, where they have a tail feather that is curly.
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    Talk to me about this drake feather.

    I was told that of the 4 ducks I have that 2 were drakes, one had the actual drake feather and the other did not. I was told that the other male had the feather but it "fell out" or something like that.

    I noticed the other day that my other male [the one that did have it] now no longer has the drake feather.

    Will this grow back?

    I happen to like that feather, it looks cool.
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    Yes, they do grow back. My Runner drake lost his, I wished I could have found it. But now he has another one that has grown in.
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh geeeeeessseeee...... so i still dont really know anything. here's a pict of them yesterday. The one in the center of the picture has that little curly cue feather on it. I have duck hunted a lot in the last few years, and I do know what a drake feather on a mallard is. they curly q on the end. Looks like i might have one that has a feather like that.


    I had one that let out a startled 'quack' today almost a honk more than a quack. one has a high pitch not a peep but not a quack, almost rhaspy yes. the other has a lower pitched rasp, and the third? well it is the one that had the 'quack' today. they will be 6 weeks on Sunday.
  7. [​IMG]

    see the tail on the one in the center, it flips up at a very sharp angle. the other two stay flat as a board. I dunno, I love them no matter what they are! I would just feel bad nameing them Huey, Duey, and Louise if it SHOULD be Helen, Delilia, and Louie......[​IMG]

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    Quote:Your not looking for the WHOLE tail flipping up, just like 2 feather at the base of the tail. See it in the picture...
  9. ohhhhhhh now i feel dumb. i thought they meant the entire tail! i didnt know they were just talking about that feather.... actually I didnt know that all ducks had that. I had only really noticed it on the mallard males before. well, right now i see one that may have that 'q'. the other two dont, but they are still pretty young to have that yet arent they?

    Hold old are your babies? they are gorgeous. This is my first time with ducks. I am a (shhhhh.... chicken nut case) [​IMG]
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  10. With the size they are now you should be able to tell what they are. My drakes at that age had a high pitched whistle sound that sounded like they were saying WHAAAAAAT WHAAAAAT...we called them the what what boys when they were little.

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