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Dec 3, 2011
I have two what I think are Ameracaunas. Could someone verify excactly waht they are and if they are males or females.....I think I know but I am new to raising chickens and cant be sure. Also have an austrolorp pictured there as well, I think it is a female. Buff Orpington hiding. Any help would be appreciated.

Forgot to add they are 4 months old, I need to know if they are roos, not sure I could keep them if they are, close neighbors and I dont want fertilized eggs.
Wyandottes, really, a friend ordered from a hatchery and he said he asked for Ameracaunas, but I cant find any examples of ameracaunas that look like these. Thanks for the input.
americunas dont come in that color and if ordered from a hatchery then they would be ee's as hatcheris dont sell pure americauna's. those 2 look like slw. and all of them are cockerels and the black one in the pic looks like a pullet
None of the chickens in this picture are ameraucanas. I know that for a fact. I also am very sure that the black chicken in the back is a pullet and the other two are roosters.
Thank you all for replying.....ummmm anyone in the Pittsburgh area want two roosters?! Please???? Unfortunately can't keep them, not looking to breed chickens. Will look to trade for two hens if I can. Thanks again all.
Well I just should have waited 2 days......this AM I heard what I thought was a person on the side of my house...well it was the rooster crowing away!!!!

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