Male or Female???


7 Years
Aug 19, 2012
Snohomish County

This is my 4 month old B.B. (Brahma Baby), and hasn't decided on a gender yet
. Comb and wattle say female, chest bone is very pronounced and larger feet than Polly (my female Brahma). We want to sell he/she because its pain in my @$$ being super skittish (we handle our birds alot) and pretty mean towards chicks i.e. stepping on them.
I'm not sure, but I'm going to guess male. Those legs are pretty thick (even for a Brahma), the stance is roosterish, and the coloring is irregular. Still, I''m not sure, as the comb and wattles say pullet. You'll just have to wait until she crows or lays an egg! Post some more photos in a few weeks, and maybe I'll be able to tell a little better.
I'm leaning towards slow maturing male on that one too. Have you checked underneath the feathers it already has for saddle feathers coming in?
I'm also thinking rooster. Brahmas can be quite slow to mature, and that bird just doesn't look feminine at all.
What age they start to lay can really vary, and big breeds tend to start later, with these guys 20-24 weeks and some a lot later.

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