male or female?


6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
My Mille Fleur is 12 weeks old and my Black Copper Maran is 14. There is an ordinance in my city that bans roosters, so I have to re-home them if they turn out to be roosters. Can you guys tell me what you think? The Mille Fleur has a large comb that I would think only a roo would have, but I am not familiar with this breed. Here are the pictures.

the white rooster on this picture also has to be rehomed. If the maran and mille fleur are also roosters, that means half of my flock are since i only have 6.

This is feathered feet: the mille fleur.
I'm pretty sure that your Black Copper Marans is a pullet, though a clearer close-up photo of the back would help. As for your Mille Fleur Belgian Bearded D'Uccle, the comb development, stance, and the fact that I think I see pointed hackle feathers makes me think "it" could be a rooster.
iam not so sure the duccle is a roo the coloring of neck feathers can make it look pointy are there any saddle feathers showing yet ?

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