Male or female?


9 Years
Mar 24, 2010

We adopted this turkey a few days ago from a rescue organization. This is our first turkey. They told us it was a young male. I am wondering if you think this is really a tom as they said it was.

They said it was an escapee from a local farm, and had found 2 other wild turkeys for buddies. Our turkey is quite tame and calm. We have lots of other poultry (chickens, guineas, a couple geese, etc.). We've had it for 4 days now and I have yet to hear a gobble--it just peeps softly. It has a very short beard of about 2". And no spurs - really just 1/4" bumps on the back of the legs (like most of our chicken hens). I don't see any snood or other pendulous face skin as in pictures I've seen of tom turkeys.

We have trimmed the primary wing feathers to keep it from escaping over the barn wall.

What do you think? Hen or tom? Thanks in advance!
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Bearded hens are very common. Based on the picture (not a good one, take some more!) looking at the lack of a snood or wattle I'd say hen. I reserve the right to retract my answer when you post more pics!
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I'd say its a male. It does look small for a male, but the pink-red head is making me lean more towards a tom. The hens are usually more gray.
You could have a boy there. My tom didn't look like a tom until one day...BAM...he looked like a tom. I hope that helps! Oh, and don't use the bumps on the legs as a judge, my boy doesn't have anything either.
You really need to get a picture from the front. The snood could have been bitten off by another turkey or cut off trying to push through a fence. The caruncles appear hen-like, but that can be a function of age. Probably your best clue will be if the breast feathers have light edges or dark edges. Light edges would be hen, dark edges would be tom.
Thanks everyone! Appreciate your input from someone who knows more than I do at this point. I'll try to get some better pictures and post again.

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