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I placed an order from ideal and they said theyt are putting male chicks in with my order to keep my main order warm. Can I use these as meat birds? They said they are normally barred rocks or RIR males. They also said that people have goten cornish rocks before.

So can I use the BR or RIR as meat birds? Wont by the time there big enough they would be too tough? What can I give them to make them grow really fast?

And one more question. Can I feed them my normal medicated chick starter if I am going to be eating them?

Sorry for all the questions....

Otherwise known as "packing peanuts" many hatcheries will include extra roos. Besides keeping everyone warm, this also helps them clear out stock of unwanted birds.

You may use these roos however you wish. Most people do use they extras as meat birds. By the time they are big enough (my last few were about 6 months old) they will have a tendency to be a bit tough when you cook them. This can be partially alleviated by post-butchering care of the meat, as well as cooking style. Head over to the "Meat Bird" section and see the posts about proper cooling and brining.

Feeding them medicated stater feed will not be a problem.

Hope this helps.
You'll probably get 7 or 8. If you can feed them separately from your other birds, I would try giving them gamebird starte/grower which is 30% protein. That might help them bulk up faster.
7 to 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now when do they start crowing? I cant keep rooster where I live on account of noise.......

Will there be any meat on them to be worth eating at this age ( when they start crowing0 ?

Also are they always 100% males or can you luck out and get a female?

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They had surplus barred rocks yesterday. When do yours arrive? You could call and tell them that you can't have roosters so if they have to send extras for warmth, could they please send females. You could also list them on craigs list.
If they do send you some dual purpose "packing peanuts" (such as Barred Rocks) I have been told that you can process them around 16 weeks, instead of 6 months. It takes them alittle longer to get to weight than it would take a cornish x. Perhaps feeding them grower feed will quicken the process a bit? You may want to check the raising chicks section to find out about when the roosters start crowing.
I started mine on Turkey Starter which was 30%. Man did they bulk up! I am about to butcher 5 as "Cornish Hens" even though they are neither Cornish nor hens. Mine are about 6-7 weeks right now and are between 1 1/2 and 2 pounds live weight. Mine are not crowing yet.
We processed our first extra roos, mostly RIR and BR, at 12 weeks. They were well over 2 lbs, tender and delicious. Not full size, true.

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