Male Pekin and Easter Egger Rooster

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    Oct 31, 2015
    So I have a small issue. That I'm not sure will escalate or de escalate.

    My boy duck is about 9 months old. And is very sweet with me. And my male Easter Egger Cockerel is also tolerant of my pets and attention. This morning during feeding they both kind of scuffled. And nobreal harm was done. I watched for about 15 seconds hoping they would just work it out quickly. When I felt they were not going to stop I stepped in and separated them. Putting my ducks in the pond and shutting the gate.

    I have four hens and a rooster.
    And a bonded pair of pekins.

    They both have separate encolsures and food and water areas. But during the day they all free range about the property which is about 7 acres. Fenced in.

    My most burning question is will they be alright together? They are my boys. And I just want to make sure this is just a phase. I don't want anyone getting actually hurt.
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    They may work things out or this may become an ongoing problem. As a kid [​IMG] I had a RIR rooster who constantly challenged a Muscovy drake. For an entire summer they argued a couple of times a week. One day when I was not there the Muscovy finally had enough and killed Big Red. I doubt that a Pekin will be as powerful or aggressive as a Muscovy, but I recommend keeping a close eye on their interactions.
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