Male pigeon in nest???

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    Oct 10, 2013
    So i have a male pigeon that just sits in the nest bowl cooing...and cooing....and cooing...the female just sits outside of nest bowl. I'm not sure if they're paired up. I've never seen them mate or do the kissing thing. Sometimes he chases her around and fans his tail and gets all big. So what going on there's no eggs either?? Thanks in advance!
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    He is trying to entice his female pigeon to start a family with him. MOST SIMPLY PUT... Or the other pigeon is not a female, but your male pigeon does not know so.. [​IMG]

    Males make the nests.. If you are using a bowl, then he will try to bring/find some bedding like straw, hay , twigs, leaves.
    It is about the time that weather is getting favorable for pigeons to start families for spring. Many tend to do it year round, but the survival rate is lower during COLD.
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