Male ringneck got out.....again

The Chickeneer

~A Morning's Crow~
9 Years
Jan 9, 2011
Central Valley California
The first time he escaped, i opened the door to give them water and he flew out. He stuck around and we caught him the next morning in some tall grass in the yard. Females have escaped before, and we were never able to find them. The reason we caught him that time was because he was so loud when he called. He got out again yesterday, and we havent seen or heard him since. Will he stick around? He does have one female left to come back to (she never escaped cuz she cant fly..i think shes pinioned) will he come back for her?

I also noticed something weird when i found him missing yesterday morning....the door to the pen was wide open. I sometimes leave the door the wind might have blew it open, but sometimes i do latch it. I dont know if i latched it or not that time though,but i do know that during all this time that the pheasants have been here, never once has the wind blew the door open. I think someone might have stolen it, but i dont want to jump to conclusions since nobody really knowes or cares that we have pheasants, but there is always that possibility. And since i have not heard his call, it also leads me to think he was stolen. Incidents like this have happened to us before ......almost in explainable, but i just really dont believe that people go around stealing chickens and pheasants from peoples houses. I dont know what to think anymore....i just have one lonely female pheasnant now.
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