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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by midge5000, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. midge5000

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    Dec 21, 2013
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    hey all,
    in october, i ordered 6 khaki campbell day old ducklings from Metzer Farms (5 girls and one boy). only 5 arrived alive, and only 3 still had their leg bands on so i was unable to tell if it was the boy or a girl that died. they offered to replace my dead duckling (i opted for a girl because i would rather have 6 girls than 4 girls and two boys) and they sent out a replacement KC girl with a "dealers choice" duckling (who ended up being a pekin girl). the replacement Khaki Campbell duckling also arrived dead. so, in the future i will not be having any ducklings shipped. too heartbreaking.
    today, i see that two of my khaki campbells are boys. head feathers are changing. one even seems to be getting his drake feather. voices are low, too. in all, i now have 1 pekin female, 3 khaki campbell females, and 2 khaki campbell males.

    my questions are: will a 4 girl/2 boy duck set up be okay? if not, does anyone know metzer farms policy in cases like this? frankly, i am kind of over the whole process of complaining to them (although their customer service is really quite great), so if the ducks will get along fine, i am happy to let it go.

    any insights are appreciated. thanks!
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    May 19, 2014
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    There is no real answer because it just depends on your ducks. It could go fine or you may need more females only time will tell. I got my girls from Metzer and didn't have an shipping issues and I'm in TX so it took 2 days to get here. I'm sorry for your loss that is hard. I have no idea what Metzer's policy is for mis sexed ducklings.
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    I agree it will depend on your ducks.
    I got six females from Metzers without issue. How heart breaking for you. :(
  4. Miss Lydia

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    Very much depends on the drakes most are very hormonal and can over mate the ducks, I have 3 very hormonal drakes [Muscovy] and one very old drake that which he was still hormonal, but any way the 3 young boys have 2 girls apiece, lots of mating went on last year but Muscovy's don't gang rape which happens some in Mallard derived breeds that you'll have to watch for. what I'd do is start in the spring loking for some more females at least 3 per drake. 2 might be enough each like I said it all depends on the drake.
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    Feb 22, 2013
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    Some males will do fine with less females but some are very hormonal. I'd recommend a minimum of 3 girls for each boy. I'd still watch the boys to see if they are over mating the girls. You'll notice the back of the neck on the girls will be missing feathers and in some cases red or bloody if over mated.
  6. sunnyfishy

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    Jul 15, 2014
    We have 8 ducks, two of which are males. This winter has been a trial so far, because both males have been getting much more aggressive sexually than they were all fall and summer. We actually had to separate one female from the males because they were going after her so much they injured her eye D:

    So my advice is certainly at least 3 girls for every boy, because omigosh, when those boys are ready to go, ladies look out.
  7. CyndiD

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    Feb 28, 2015
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    The 3 female ducks to every 1 drake ratio; does this apply to a mixed flock?
    I have Pekin, buff & runners, I want a drake of each breed & 2 runner drakes of different colors.
    I would have 8 females (mixed breeds) & 4 drakes (e.g. 1 Pekin drake, 1 buff drake & 2 runner drakes). This would be 50/50 drake to female.
    Sounds off balance, too many drakes?
    As some of u posted, "it depends on the drake".
    And, sounds like too much testosterone??!!
    Comments wanted! Thanks
  8. Kaessa

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    Jan 23, 2015
    Fruita, CO
    Sounds like ENTIRELY too much testosterone. [​IMG]

    You'd probably be better off with half that many drakes. It definitely applies to a mixed flock, drakes don't care about breed. They just care that there are enough girls to go around.
  9. Sfraker

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    Feb 17, 2014
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    I have 8 girls and two boys. It is not enough girls for my boys. Three of my girls are getting bald necks and had to be separated.
  10. seashoreduck

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    May 6, 2013
    As always it depends on the ducks. I had 3 males, 1 female mallard ducks who free ranged for tick eating. One male went feral. The other two males were the female entourage and never left her side. The power balance was a bit different because one of the males was previously very sickly.

    I am awaiting my order....10 ducks from Metzer....Wednesday!

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