Male white quail mean/overly rough

Discussion in 'Quail' started by raisingdaisies, Apr 8, 2016.

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    Mar 25, 2016
    A bit of background: My 2 oldest girls are raising quail, we have 4 female Jumbo brown, 4 female White and 1 male White. This happened straight run, and we have been planning on getting a Brown male to put in with our brown females. The whites are younger/about 3 months and just starting to lay, the browns are about 6 months and have been laying a while. They are on 30% game feed with a small bit of wild birdseed mix treat given in the evening that they love.

    Anyway, our male is mean. He started out pulling out feathers, I figured that was part of getting used to breeding, though it was much more of the white than the brown even though he's breeding both. Almost no brown feathers are ever pulled out. Then he started drawing blood around the face of the whites. Damaged 2 of the white's eyes, though they seem to have recovered well and seem to have sight. Then today he tore several wing feathers off of one, lots of blood. We had separated him after the 2nd incident for several days, then put him back in day before yesterday and this already. So he's separated out again.

    Part of the reason they wanted to do quail was because of the lack of aggressiveness, and from what I've read this is not normal. Thoughts? We don't ever keep mean animals so he's going to be put in freezer camp, but is this as likely to happen again?

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