Males Fighting?


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
I have 2 juvenile male red golden pheasants. They have not molted to their colorful feathers yet. I do not have a female. I was told that the males would get along fine as long as there was no female to make them fight. I do, however have them in the sme pen as my chickens and rooster.

Today, one of the pheasants began "herding" and hissing at the other pheasant as well displaying a pretty distinctive tail slanting. I looked it up and it looks like aggressive behavior, tho they are not hurting each other.

Does anyone know anything about this?
That sounds like their breeding ritual.Were they in together all along?Or did you add one and then another?Are they actually fighting?
In N.H.,Tony.
Otherwise, everyone has been living healthily and happily together for quite a while. The behavior is between the pheasants, who have been together their whole lives. The chickens couldn't care less.
Maybe their just feeling their oats.Even though everyone is getting along,chcikens can and will pass along diseases that pheasants are suseptible to.You may go out one day and for no reason,your pheasants may be dead.Were just trying to give you advice,don't take it personal and get mad at anyone.
In N.H.,Tony.
To actually answer your question........................

Sounds like the one male has started to perform his mating ritual. We have kept golden pheasant males together USUALLY without any problems. We have had breeding pens with a few golden males and several hens together in a large pen and they did fine.

PS... some people keep chickens with pheasants without disease problems........many factors affect success like ground type, number of birds, pen size & shape, cleanliness.
I did not mean to get snappy, I appreciate everyone's help. I have asked for advice before and it seems that people like to give you advice about EVERYTHING, rather than the thing you ask about and I got annoyed yesterday. I have already done the research for the others things and decided to chance it with the combo. Anything could kill anything at any time, so why not?
I heard you werent suppose to put phesants and chickens together. But can theirs pens be side by side? and can phesants live near ducks as well?

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