Malformed vent on RIR pullet, perhaps internal infection

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    Jul 4, 2007
    I have a RIR girl who's probably about 4 months old...I got her and two others from a friend. His have been healthy. I lost one of them two weeks ago to extreme weakness, weight loss, and foul-smelling poop with dirty behind. (No lice or mites.) Now another has similar symptoms, only I caught it sooner so she's isolated from the others, eating and drinking but definitely not active. I believe this is my fault for not observing perfect sanitation during some very stressful busy parts of August and September. And for that I am kicking myself.

    When I turned her over to check her vent, which is a bit dirty and smelly, I noticed it is rather malformed. She isn't laying yet so it's not prolapsed. There is an extra, rather coil-shaped flap just outside the "regular" vent area.

    I am contemplating finding an avian vet. I'm thinking of treating with antibiotics for her sickness symptoms in the mean time.

    Question: Given that she has this malformed vent, I am unsure what to do. I'm not sure if laying eggs will harm her or not. What would you do? Our financial resources are limited. And I know others might cull her, which I am also contemplating. But I do not want to be hasty or extreme in either direction.

    Thanks so much.
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