Mallard Babies!!!


13 Years
Apr 21, 2010
I've been duckless for quite a while now... since July when some critter got to them while I was on vacation. I've been dying for some babies! I've been stalking TSCs in different towns trying to get some ducklings. Stopped my mine on Monday and the manager told me he just picked them up from the post office. The first ducks he'd had in so far. I couldn't resist. I took two home.

Teaser! I called the babies Bianca and Penguin. Not sure which was which but here's my favorite. "The Jumper"

I got a call yesterday from my mom. She told me her friend had gotten a chick and two ducklings for her baby sitting kids to raise. Apparently she's allergic to them and wanted to get rid of them. My mom quickly told her that I'd take them. When I got to my mom's house she told me that her friend supposedly got them from TSC the same day I did but her's are double the size. I don't know... My second question... how'd she manage to only get one chick with the "six chick minimum?" Oh well... doesn't matter now.

I was nervous to put the bigger guys in with my two 4 day olds. The big ones picked on them pretty bad. But I didn't listen to my instincts and when I checked them this morning, "The Cheeper" was dead. Poor baby! I'm mad at myself for taking the three bigger guys anyway! I didn't need them or want them. Now this? I know it happens but it could have been avoided. RIP Cheeper! I ended up giving the chick to my cousin. His are about the same size and I'm pretty sure it was a Cornish cross anyway. Been there, did that. Don't like that breed anymore. lol I kept my Easter gift cross last year as a pet and he was the meanest rooster I've ever met. I lost him to the critters too.

Anyhow! Just thought I'd share.
Cute duckie. RIP Cheeper. You need to separate the other duckling from the bigger duckies if they are picking on it. I'm so sorry for your loss!

The three ducklings remaining are doing very well. I actually separated the little one and he flipped out. I ended up putting him back in with the two bigger ducklings and all is well. I have not witnessed any more bullying.
That's great! Keep an eye on them for a few weeks until they have imprinted on each other completely, and watch out for any more bullying!
Hello I'm at a lose here I had a baby cayuga hatch with a topknot. The problem is I only have two types of ducks and they are seperated for over a year. So now I'm trying to decide were the topknot came from. Any ideas??
The three babies are doing great! I love for them to swim in the bath tub. It's so fun to watch. The little one still doesn't dive under like the two bigger ones do. I'll post pics soon so everyone can guess age on them. Their tail and belly feathers are starting to grow in.

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