mallard drakes vs other poultry

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    I have two mallard drakes, and"had" one tom Turkey, one rooster and several other hens, almost once, maybe twice a week I find one of my chickens dead, or half mutalated and almost dead, would this be the work of the ducks, I figure that my Tom Turkey may have been bought with some sort of a disease, being I bought it at a poultry show, and only had him a,few weeks, but a rooster gone and hens being killed, my only guess is the ducks, does anyone know if this is possible
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    If you have them all cooped together it is very possible Drakes will try to breed chicken hens, if they have no female ducks . Because duck anatomy is much different than that of chickens, they can kill hens trying to breed them. It is also true that Tom turkeys will try the same. Please separate any surviving hens from other poultry. And get your ducks and turkey their own mates.

    You could post on the "Duck thread" and the "Turkey thread." for more information.
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