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  1. I have a pair of mallard ducks, a hen and a drake (I got them as ducklings last Easter so they are about 8 months old). I'm hoping to get ducklings out of them this Spring, but I have nine chicken in the same coop with them and was worried that the chickens would eat the mallard eggs if the female left the nest for a minute, considering we have had chickens eat their own eggs before. We haven't had that happen with these chickens, though.... just some different ones.

    Any info you have about how to avoid this would be great!

    If anyone who sees this can reply soon, it would be much appreciated!
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    okay well do the ducks have access to swim like at least 3 to 4ft, makes inserting the stuff easier for ducks, as for eating the eggs, i would get them a coop of their own its way healthier for ducklings to not be raised around chickens, now most of the time its fine but ducklings can get ill from chickens and if one gets sick they all get sick.

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