Mallard Egg Lockdown

Sue S

Mar 7, 2018
Can anybody please tell me if mallard duck eggs hatch on day 28, 26, or 24???? I thought it was 28 days but I've heard it's 26 days even heard 24 days. I was planning on doing lockdown on day 25 but now i'm wondering if I should do lockdown earlier if they could possible hatch earlier.:barnie


Apr 13, 2019
I have some questions also regarding my malard duck eggs. I have 6 and question about first 3bas idk and they are hatching 1 day apart can anyone help me. Egg 1 and 2 are on day 25 and 26 egg 3 it on 24 and egg 3 has externally pipping eggs 1 and 2 are developed and can see the chick however i dont see movment as of today but did see movment day 24. I noticed some spots or shadowing like spot in the air cell and cant see any vein now. I know about lockdown but egg 3 was moving and i had to move egg 1 and 2 outta his path. Are eggs 1 and 2 viable still or have they quit on me.

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