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    I have never ordered from her, but I have emailed her about her Calls and and her reply was very friendy and informational.

    ___She raises___

    Wood Ducks - Normal, Apricot, White, and Silver
    Mandarins - Normal, White, White Throated, and Split
    Teals - Green-winged, Blue-winged, Cinnamon, Ringed, Chestnut Breasted, Cape, Hottentot, Falcated, Silver, Baikal, Sharp Wing, Marble, and Brazilian
    Pintails - Northern, Bahama, and Red Billed
    Widgeons - European, American, and Chiloe
    Tree Ducks - White Faced, Fulvous, Eyton's, Javan, and Cuban
    Divers - Hooded Merganser, Smew, North American Ruddy Duck, Barrows Goldeneye, and Common Merganser
    Shovelers - Northern, Argentine Red, and New Zealand
    Other Ducks - Lesser Scaup, Red-Crested Pouchard, Rosy-Billed Pochard, Canvasback, Gadwall, Ringed Necked Duck, and Red Head
    Swans - Mute
    Call Ducks - Grey, Pastel, Snowy, Silver, Blue Fawn, Butterscotch, White, and Black East Indie
    Peafowl - India Blue
    Pheasants - Golds and Lady Amherst
    Quail - California Valley
    Bantams - Silkie Bantam, Cochin Bantam, Old English Game Bantam

    She has many different color mutations available and ships during cooler weather. She's located in Tennesee and can deliver to several different shows that she attends if your willing to meet her. Her website is full of information and many, many great pics of her birds and setup.

    CLICK HERE to go directly to her site!
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    Jul 2, 2010
    I'm on her waiting list for Mandarin

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