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    A friend gave me a bag of barley seed and I've had great luck sprouting fodder for my six hens (as a snack.) Someone had given her the 50# bag so she couldn't direct me where to buy more seed locally. When I called around today the only feed store that carried barley had both barley seed and malt (or malted) barley seed. She suggested the malt for fodder. Difference in price $2/bag. Can anyone explain the difference? I've had great luck with just regular barley seed so don't know if I should try the malt barley. TIA for any advice.

  2. [​IMG] Malted barley seed has previously been wet then sprouted and finally roasted or dried out in some way to kill the germ or young plant. This is done to convert the starch inside the barley seeds into sugar or malt. Sugar being the only food source that yeast can convert into alcohol. Even when making corn whiskey barley malt is necessary to get a high % of sugar out of the grain.

    When feeding "seeds" of any kind to livestock be very very careful. Most seeds destined for planting have been treated to kill mold and mildew. The seed treatment will not only kill mold but it will kill the chickens and even your family if you eat enough of the chickens or the eggs of fowl that are fed these treated seeds.
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