Mama dog with week old pups wont stop attacking my chicks!

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  1. My husband has a bassette hound/ bull terrier that just had puppies. She is a sweet dog but she is at MY END POINT! She has just killed 7 of my 8 chicks last week. I have locked her up in the diningroom with her puppies, letting her out (OUTSIDE) for a few hours during the day then lock her up again. Well, last night she figured out how to get out of the diningroom. She has knocked over my trash can, made a HUGE mess in my JUST CLEANED UP Kitchen. She also tried to attack my only surviving chick. I don't like to be mean to dogs or any type of animals but this time I couldn't help it. I threw her across the hallway when she attacked Survy. She wouldn't stop there, she kept at it again, then again I have given her a good beating with the broom but that didn't stop her. I can't keep this up! I was up all night making sure she doesn't get my chick! I already told hubby that she HAS TO GO once the pups are mature enough which is SEVERAL WEEKS AWAY!

    What can I do?
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    maybe put the chick in the bathroom, and keep the door closed. If you have a master bath, put the chick in there, keeping the bathroom door and your bedroom door closed. Good luck
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    it shouldnt be that hard to keep ONE chick away from a dog..
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    Quote:i would take the whole lot of them to the pound. but i dont really like dogs so i am biased.
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    I'd stop hitting the dog. As you said..its not working. Just keep the chick away from the dog. Good luck!
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    Hmm, maybe keep the one chick in the bathroom with the door closed?
    I'm a dog person, so I would say don't hit the dog, it will only break her. Have seen it first hand, the dog ended up being vicious after being hit so many times
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    Quote:I agree.
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    Hitting the dog is not going to work.

    Dog should be in a safe contained area, fed a quality puppy food, with plenty of water, unable to get to chick.

    Chick should be in a safe contained area, safe from predators.

    Human should be the responsible one, making sure dog is contained, content, well-fed and chick is behind at least one door that dog cannot open on her own... and said door stays SHUT.

    We have 5 chicks in an apt with two very predatory big dogs.. Chicks are contained and behind TWO closed doors ..

    Dogs are in crates when not supervised.. period.

    Accidents will happen, but a little pre-planning can prevent alot of drama.

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    A dog with pups is going to be more protective than normal...that is her instinct to protect her babies.

    Don't beat your dog, it is not her fault. It is your responsibility to protect the chick....LOCK THE CHICK IN A SECURE AREA!
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    lesson one in chickens. most predation is done by family dogs.

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