Nov 1, 2020
Southern Missouri
I have a hen that was broody so we put eggs under her and we think they are fertilized. She is still sitting on the eggs is there anything else I should know. PTW she is a buff orpington.

The chicks hatched. 11-26-2020.
Mama is well and 11 out of 13 chicks hatched.
I can't believe it we now have a seperate brooder coop/recovery coop.
They have a fenced in area to run if they like mama hen loves to free-range but,
stays with babies and if she goes to get a drink or something she worries about them 24/7.
Anyone have chicks that were hatched around this time of year.
Thank you everybody I haven't been on for a while because I was busy with all the birds and preparing for my goat Timber coming in a week and a half. If you have not read my thread I will link it below.
Mama hen is doing amazing and we still have 11 chicks. I can't believe it!!
This was our first hatch and I was preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.
All 11 are healthy and happy. It snowed here yesterday and is suppose to snow tomorrow
luckily we have a brooder in case mango is not warm enough and have a heat lamp with a guard on it.

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