Mama kicked the chickateers loose, it's sad :(


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Nov 9, 2007
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My mama hen kicked her 4 1/2 week old chicks to the curb today. She's still sleeping with them at night and my rooster watches over them during the day, but the poor babies are so confused.
The chickateers peep loudly and try to keep up with mama, but when she ignores them, they head to their safety spot.
It makes me so sad to watch them. I want badly to intervene, but I know they have to learn about life in the barnyard.

Guess I better stay inside today and not respond to their cries.
I took the opportunity of mama kicking my baby out to bond with it...
Maybe I wasn't supposed to? She seems to really like me now and lets me pick her up. But even though she is full grown and laying now, her mama is still real mean to her.
Well after a couple of hours of freedom from chicks, mama decided to go back to being a mama.

Thank goodness she's still choosing to sleep with them. We still have some cold nights ahead.
Hey, doesn't every caregiver need a break now and then? Mommas are certainly no different!

Little pecky things, always wanting attention, tugging at your feathers and all that. Do you know how hard it is to get to sleep with a passel of kids tucked up under your skirt??
Each mama hen is different. Some give the chicks three weeks max., others are still letting them under her at 6 to 8 weeks. My mama has been excellent. She's leaving them to their own devices during the day, but taking care of them at night.
Grits, the little bantam Cochin in my avvie hatched 2 LF chicks almost a year ago. She will still kick booty on anyone who messes with "her" chicks!
Pretty funny, since her chicks are 10 times her size and one of them is now the main rooster!

It varies as far as weaning, I did notice that Goldie would take a day off now and them, make them learn to be independent.

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