mama lin or auntie lin needs help again

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    Jan 13, 2008
    ASP pleassssssssse ************************ AND I AM SORRY AM LONG WINDED BUT FACTS ARE NEEDED 2 BE GIVEN SO AM )****************1st landlady is at one of house and i other -------2nd son died she in diff city-------2nd had 2 chickens before she went booted them outside and wild cat(s) got the little girl / ate her and he saw bless his heart SCARED anyway he then went into box 4 while -------3rd he plucked alot of his feathers due 2 all/ he can fly still sorry dont know breed they did and he still does LOOK LIKE THE CHICKENS KIDS GET AT EASTER---------------foster mom or auntie lin me is also feeding him right >>>l.lady only gave him uncooked rice / i cook it and he loves it cooked plus other food------4th family who also a friend 2 to l.lady came monday and will be here till l.lady come back (not my family or friend its the l.lady friend etc)--------5th l.lady want my foster little boy in the car gargle (not speller) and it get cold out there and in calif it now 41degree outside WILL GET DOWN TO THE 30s or so------------6th PLEASEEEEEEEEEE TELL ME ALL 2 KEEP HIM SAFE AND WARM ETC -----i have till the end of jan then it will be out my hands (because i will be out or i will call the shelter on her 4 abuse if possible / and your ideas if u have any) I THANK-YOU ON ALL---lin

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