Mama who won't get up

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    Oct 1, 2013
    I have a mother hen who hatched 3 eggs about 5 days ago. She was setting for about 5 weeks, because she just was not breaking her broodiness, so we got her some eggs. After they hatched, she wouldn't get up to eat or drink for the first 2 days, so we moved them all inside. We noticed she had a bad mite infestation, so we sprayed her with a potassium sorbate spray, as it seemed the least dangerous to the chicks. We're also feeding her eggs, cottage cheese, and forcing her to drink. 5 days later, she's still not getting up, sleeps a lot, and has very pale skin. She's looking more alert and her chicks seem healthy. Any advice about more we can do to nurse her back to health?

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    [​IMG] Check to make sure that you have eliminated the mites. It sounds as if she is anemic. Continue feeding the high protein feeds, and hopefully she is strong enough to recover. Mite infestations in setting hens are a frequent cause of broodiness 'breaks' or hen death. Good luck.

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