Mama with 5 chicks


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May 19, 2011
Central Illinois
Next Sunday I am getting a hen that has 5 chicks with her. I'm not really set up for this but this is what I am thinking.

I have a medium sized dog kennel that is wire. I would keep them in this in the garage or coop for now. I also have dog x-pens that I would put chicken wire on to give them some outside time. I would be able to move this around.

Any other suggestions? I have a heat light I can put above the dog kennel.


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8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
As long as they have food and water available and a place to get out of the rain they'll be fine. Hens are the best when it comes to raising chicks. You don't need to provide extra heat at all, mom will manage just fine. I've had broodies hatch and raise chicks in the middle of winter, outside, with no problems (o.k. our winters were mild, but we got heavy frost some nights).
Just remember to feed them only chick starter or grower (depending how old the chicks are). Mom can eat that, but chicks must not eat layer food.
Enjoy your new chicken family!

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