Mamma and chicks, what's to cold for them?

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    My mama has been sitting on eggs for 8 days, but I never thought about what to do once they hatch. Oh I have there coop in the making, and separate pen, but for now there on my front porch ( its only about 45 to 50 degrees )
    1. will this be to cold for the babies when they hatch?
    2. How long will mama stay with these babies?
    3. There in a small rabbit hutch, will mama stay in there with them or do I need to move them out side since they grow fast and will need lots of room to walk around ?
    How long do they stay under there mama to stay warm? Will I need to get a big brooder and put the chicks under a light for warmth ?
    I know that's a lot of questions but I need answers.
    M coop is not big enough for this batch, but we are going to start work on the (new improved coop enlargement ) and pen enlargement in 2 weeks. We plan to section off part of the coop for a dog house for mama and her babies until there big enough to go to my moms , or I give away.
    In the mean time its cold here, still in the 20's at night. My front porch is also pretty cold, but I'm assuming mama will them warm ? But for how long?
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    45 is not to cold for the babies as long as the momma is a good one. The chicks will not stray far from her as long as it is cold. They seem to know when it is to cold for the. A rabbit hutch would work fine for them until they get to big for the space.

    My momma hens usually stay with the chicks until they become unruly teenagers or about 8-10 weeks. Mine also do a good job of integrating the chicks into the flock. They do it way better than I do.

    Don't panic if they don't hatch on the 21st day. Since it is so cold, it may add some time to hatch, especially if momma has to get off the nest to eat, drink and poop. With that, I reccommend having water and food (I use grain) near the nest.

    There is nothing better than a momma hen with day old chicks. Good luck & enjoy.
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    they'll be fine....... let mom do what moms do..... i had a hen hatch out 5 chicks last fall, she had them outside running around and the temps were in the high teens-low 20's..... i was a bit stressed but she raised them just fine.... after watching those week old chicks run around outside all day in those low temps, i've concluded that most people keep their chicks wayyyy to warm..... i've also concluded that it's wayyyy easier to let a hen raise the chicks.... 1 bit that i learned as to feed... switch to flock raiser and put crushed oyster shell out.... the hens that are laying some how know they need the oyster shell, the others don't mess with it to much......... worked great for me.... you don't want the chicks eating layer food!!!
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    45-50 degrees seems about right. the babies stay warm with momma's heat. momma can probably tolerate it as low as 30 or 25, 15 even.. but she'd slow down... it's best to give her some heat to help, 60 would help more than your 50 degrees, but it's up to you... as long as she manages... watch if she shivers...

    I am not really sure... google has it.. i didn't look it up for you then. 'how cold is too cold for a baby chicken '. It says: "I believe as long as they are healthy there is no need to supplement heat. Wild birds, if healthy, survive temperatures well below zero, as do chickens, by sheltering themselves from wind, when necessary. You are correct that feathers are a great insulator from cold." on

    and back on here:
    i dont worry about it until it nears the freezing mark. by
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    Keep in mind that momma has a pretty decent down coat on. [​IMG]

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