Mammy's 1895 coop

If you already have chx you have all the knowledge it would take to modify these wonderful plans. For me, I would shrink it some. I don't think it needs to be that tall, but for usefulness and efficiency I think it's the "be all and end all". I wish I could afford the oak lumber, but I wouldn't use it on a chicken coop, since I got a real nice plan for a china closet instead.
Thanks for posting that fascinating link and plans for a large chicken palace! If we were still looking for our dream coop design, I would seriously consider choosing this one.

It's so refreshing seeing someone try to recreate cherished family traditions and lifestyles. I hope her chickens are happy and healthy there.
OK...that is really awesome. I love the old fashioned look of it. I hope someone does build it....WOW!!!

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