Mamouth Bronze? Is this a broad breasted?


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Mar 25, 2009
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I picked up a poult from my feed store, according to Mt. Healthy, the hatchery he orders from, it is a Mamouth Bronze. I haven't seen it specifically mentioned anywhere, is it a Broad Breasted Bronze? Or what? (He/She is currently sleeping on my daughters lap)

I'm thinking there is a typo in the name, but here is the link:

for your help.
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I've only had him since yesterday, but dang, what a loud bird! I had him down in the coop which is about 75 ft from the house and I could hear him!

Rumor has it that our field is a turkey hot spot, so I'll need to make sure he/she doesn't wander off. However, I'd love to see the herd of turkeys, about 12, that are supposed to inhabit our property.
This is my 4th year for BBB's, two years ago I had a tom dress out at 35 lbs. I had to cut him in two he was so big. But he was so good tasting, just one breast was the size of one of my cornish-x's!! I can't stand to eat a Butterball or any other brand of turkey not 'home grown'.


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