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May 17, 2017
Hi! This April I became the proud owner of two female khaki Campbell's! UNTIL I started searching for how to identify gender in Mallard ducklings I stumbled across a picture showing how to tell genders in khaki Campbell's based on bill color. And boom. Mallory has a dark bill, Tanya has a very light bill. They're about 2 months old, for starters, do I have a male and a female or 2 females? Mallory is on the left with the dark bill, Tanya is on the right with the light bill bill, if I have a male and a female, how do I keep them from breeding? Is really like to know what options I might have other than rehoming one! Thanks!


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Only Tanya (lighter bill) really quacks. Mallory will occasionally have a really distinct quack but she mostly just peeps still.

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