Managing poop (particularly in winter)

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    Apr 6, 2014
    Here is our current set-up:
    Coop: top level, with roosting bars, nesting boxes, feeders, and straw.
    Lower lever: dirt/sand, waterer, grit, oyster shells and a swing.

    Chickens have open access to a pasture with a mobile electric fence.

    In winter, they mainly stay in the building, maybe venturing a 7 foot radius out in snow.

    Two problems, as snow melts, we have nasty mud with a a whole winter's worth of poop that had frozen solid.

    2) the sand/dirt bottom has collected a lot of fallen straw/poop/dripped and frozen water

    When it thaws I have the joy of digging all of that up. It's a matted smelly mess. Sand can't go in the compost pile. It's also the grossest thing I have ever done.
    How do y'all handle winter coop management? My deep litter works fine I. The roosting area.
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    Do deep litter in the run area too.....and anywhere they roam that is plain dirt/poop/wet. As the snow melts, keep adding deep litter type materials.
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