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    Don't BId, email me or call, Thanks, Linda

    I still have a pile Choc., green and brown, one white, and few darker color Muscovy $8-$12, spring hatchings and older, Pictures are @ all contact information is available on my website. Please NO SPAM!!!! I have thinned my duck farm for the winter and for the move, I only have 3-Fawn and White runner drakes from Spring, 1--Hybrid star drake, about, 10-15 Black Austrolarp/Jersey Giant biddies about 3-months old, $ 4 each, 3 - 3 wk old Pekin ducks $5 ea., a couple of Tom bronze broad breasted turkeys. I am looking for a Palm Turkey Hen, and a Blue Slate Turkey hen & or possibly a tom, haven't figured out which mine is yet, needing a white silkie, and a Bantam molted Cochin hen. Will swap or purchase. I also have a NORMAL MANDARIAN 1 1/2 yr old drake for sale $100.00 or want to purchase or swap for a NORMAL MANDARIN HEN for the lonely little duck. Thanks every one. Oh, I need a Red golden pheasant rooster also, don't bid, just get info from website and email me or give me a call.
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